Tenant Forms

Prospective Tenants! Ready to apply?

Fill out the credit application below and submit with the $40 non-refundable application fee  to our office during regular business hours: M-F 8:30am – Noon and 1:00pm – 4:30pm OR e-mail it to our Residential Property Manager: info.gc.apts@gmail.com


Set up your rent and/or security deposit payments in a snap!

Rent payments must be made via Automatic Withdrawal Agreement with the Landlord. If rent is not received in this manner, a minimum fee of $25.00 will be assessed and must be paid with your monthly rent.”  Prospective tenants may also use an Automatic Withdrawal Form for their security deposit payment.

Here is the link for the Automatic Withdrawal Form:  ACH DEBIT FORM 2018- 2019

Please fill out and sign the agreement. (If the account you wish to use is in your parent’s name, he or she would need to fill out and sign the form – your signature would be suitable as witness.) Then, scan and e-mail or fax the form back to us! Or stop by and drop it off!

Fax #: 814-237-1893   Email: info.gc.apts@gmail.com

Note: The agreement will be in effect for the lease term of your apartment which is August – August. A total of 12 deductions*  will be made from your designated account during this period. If for any reason after initiating the ACH Payments you decide to cancel, you may do so with 45 days written notice. Your account will be debited between for the 1st and 5th of each month for your rent portion. This a confidential and secure service processed each month by the company’s business manager.

*Should you choose to pay your security deposit using the Automatic Withdrawal Form, please indicate that on the form.  A total of 13 payments will be deducted from the account.