Sublease Information

Any resident who would like to sublease his or her spot in the apartment may do so by first contacting the rental office. We will give you the necessary paperwork and discuss the security deposit that must be paid by the sub-tenant prior to him/her moving into the apartment.

Greenwich Court Apartments does not provide a roommate matching service.  However, if someone calls our office and is need of a spot in an apartment, we will take his or her contact information. We will then give that information to any apartment that informed us they are looking for extra and/or replacement roommates. The decision to contact potential roommates is entirely up to the tenants who are trying to fill or sublet spots in their apartment.

If you are looking for housing for an upcoming semester, please call our offices during normal business hours and let us know the dates for which you need housing.  Should we know of any units that are currently looking to sublet spots in their apartment, a leasing agent will forward your contact information to them.